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The 1st Equal Opportunity Platform
At BackYard we create software for the workplace to enhance the human experience.
We start with Recruitment.


Seeking Employment?

Finding an opportunity should not be a challenge. Create a profile, become a member of our community & show the world your potential. Begin your opportunity today.

Searching for an Employee?

Finding the right Candidate is a lengthy, costly and an inefficient process. Our platform takes on the core issues of the traditional recruitment processes. Let’s get started.


How it Works

We connect Hiring Managers directly to qualified Candidates. We make the process easy, efficient and fun.

  • Proprietary Algorithms and AI Secure Highest Quality Pairings

  • Blind Matchmaking Ensures Focus on Productivity

  • Gamification to Enhance the User Experience

We Exist to Create Opportunity

Built for the evolving workplace, BackYard provides a single source solution to enhance the hiring process for Candidates and Companies alike. We offer you the opportunity to exit yesterday and enter into a better tomorrow.

Unlock Your Potential

Push the limits of what you consider success. Whether you are a Candidate seeking to enhance your career or a Company eager to grow, we are here to assist in your journey.

Increase Your Efficiency

Our Platform allows the recruitment process to be decreased dramatically. Resulting in increased productivity, which leads to greater success and accomplishment.

Reduce Your Costs

Time, Money and Energy are all expended at exponential rates during the recruitment process. It is our commitment to you that we will always be the best option available.


Why Join Now?

The BackYard platform is built to learn. Joining now is the first step in establishing our relationship so we can best deliver solutions that address your most critical needs.

What are the pricing options?

For all Candidates wishing to use the BackYard Platform our service is FREE.

What does joining the platform do for my company?

Joining the platform allows for year round access to our proprietary matching service. Our service addresses evolving workforce needs, allowing companies to become more agile in their hiring and expand their recruiting capabilities.