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BackYard Software Corporation was founded January 1st 2020
with an ambitious mindset. To unify humanity through opportunity.


Vision Statement
To unify humanity through opportunity.

Through this vision we set out to discover a place to begin our journey. We needed an opportunity that showed the world just how similar we all are, yet in a space that was yearning for change.

We landed on the following:


Mission Statement
To create a workplace environment that is truly equal opportunity and to constantly push the limits of what is considered success.

Once we began to enhance our understanding of what was possible, we needed to define a tangible shift to implement within the workplace environment to begin growing our seed of change.

Thus we set the following bar:



To bridge the gap between academia and the workforce.

With our roadmap now set, and a deeper understanding of what makes us tick in the recruitment and applicant space.

We had to take a risk and assume the following:


Every Candidate has a right to prove themselves and every Company has an obligation to build the perfect team.

With our newly defined roadmap and our carefully calculated assumption we needed a compass to guide us on our journey.

The following are our totems:


4 Principle Pillars







At BackYard we believe every candidate has the right to prove themselves. We take this very seriously. When we say we are an equal opportunity platform that means no matter who you are so long as you meet the requirements to do the task being asked of you, you will be given an opportunity. Our concept is not built on getting you hired but rather providing you a chance to showcase who you are and your unique talents.

Join us on your journey

We hope you feel empowered to join BackYard and begin your journey with us. Weather you are an active member of our community or simply a neighbor, we are all connected, we are all better than today and it is our mission to make tomorrow that much better.

Thank you to our team

Creative Team
Nicole Isbell – Logo Creation
David Magnanelli – Logo Design
Nancy Glazer Pearl – Graphic & Web Design

Foundation Team
Austin Haines – Software Development
Mom & Dad – Moral & Loving Support

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