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For the Company

Welcome to the BackYard community. As a member of our platform you will gain exclusive access to Applicants across the world. As we grow, we will continue to enhance your experience through enhancing existing features as well as adding a host of features. Our goal is to make the relationship you have with this platform an exceptional one. We strive to create opportunity and we hope you take this to heart as well as you embark on your journey with BackYard.

Purpose of the Platform

The purpose of the platform is to create as much opportunity for both sides as possible. We handle all the heavy lifting to find qualified candidates for you. Thus, the candidate you will be interviewing will on paper be appropriate for the project.

Whether you are searching for a candidate for full time role, expanding your bandwidth capabilities, have an overwhelming workflow or seeking to tap in to the gig economy workforce we have you covered.

Projects are the only option to find a candidate on our platform at this time. We encourage you to think in terms of projects to increase efficiency, productivity and flexibility.

How to Use the BackYard platform

As a Hiring Manager
First You will be able to create as many projects as you like.
Then, a qualified Candidate (matched through our system) makes the decision to be considered for the project.

Second You will see the critical information about the qualified candidate, and make a decision to proceed to a phone call interview. Upon selecting a candidate to interview you will submit 3 appropriate times for the call.

Then, the candidate selects a time from the 3 you provided. Upon selecting a time you now will receive access to their contact information.

Finally have the call, and make a decision to hire for the project or not.

What is involved in the interview?

As the Hiring Manager you are the final decision maker. Therefore, this interview should be as through as you see fit. We recommend you are as forward as possible, this is your one and only opportunity to interact with the candidate.

Take your time, prepare and stay on the phone as long as you need. Use the time to verify the candidates capabilities, discover the candidates personality and inquire about their desires long-term.

What kind of projects do I post?

We recommend that the projects you post, are general as possible. This is because the candidate you hire cannot be guaranteed to be the perfect fit for the company. Thus, think of the project as a trial run. This allows the organization to make a highly educated decision about proceeding with the candidate after the project has been completed.

What is blind matching?

We believe in getting down to what matters most, can you actually do the work being asked of you or not. As thus we remove any personal information about the candidate that is not essential to the project task.

We do the same for the organization, only first names are shared and project details. Upon hiring the candidate the full information card will be revealed to both parties.